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KOZO NISHINO (1951-) Sculptor

PROFILE Biography

Graduated from Kyoto City University of Art in 1978 and 79 he visited ruins in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. During this time, he was inspired by monumental buildings and structures created with human power. Over the years, he has used high welding techniques to make large-scale, kinetic sculptures - primarily using titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum, in his works these strong metals are transformed into delicately structured works of ethereal beauty.

Solo Exhibitions i2000|j

2014@ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka
2014 Lixil gallery, Tokyo
2011 Hongo Shin Memorial Prize Solo Exhibition, Hongo Shin Memorial Museum of Sculpture, Sapporo/Hokkaido
2004 ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka
2004 Spiral Garden, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions (2000- )

2015 The 27th Kyoto Fine Arts and Cultural Award Memorial Exhibition, The Museum of Kyoto,, Kyoto
2012 Reactivation-The 9th Shanghai Biennale, Power Station of Art, Shanghai/China
2009 Sculpture by the Sea, Arhus/Denmark
2008 Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney/Australia
2005 Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture, Ube
2001 Kimpo International Open-Air Sculpture Exhibition, Kimpo/Korea
2000 Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2000, Niigata

Collections (2000- )

2016 gMemory of Sky 2016h Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho, Tokyo
2015@gIn the Streamh hBreezing in Canberrah National Arboretum Canberra, Canberra/Australia
2013 gSky memoryh 4 World Trade Center, New York/U.S.A
2013 "Swing in the Air" Waterras, Tokyo
2013 "Harmony with the Breeze Shanghai", Power Station of Art, Shanghai/China
2010 gSnow Ringh Soseigawa Park, Sapporo/Hokkaido
2010 "Hannam Breeze" HANNAM THE HILL Sculpture PARK, Seoul/Korea
2007 "In the Sky" "Beyond the Sky" JR Shimizu Station East exit, Shizuoka
2007 "Memory of Sky 2007" Umeshin Daiichiseimei bldg., Osaka
2005 "Going through the Sky 2005" East side of Yamaguchi University Hospital, Yamaguchi
2003 "Air Current (C)" Hokkaido Ryoikuen, Asahikawa/Hokkaido
2003 "Air Current" Shimodate Museum of Art, Ibaraki
2003 "To the Ocean" Outside JR Aioi Station, Hyogo
2002 "Air Current" East exit, JR Nagano station, Nagano
2000 " Some Memory of Sky" Toppan Koishikawa bldg. Tokyo
2000 "Between this Sky and Earth" Nita, Tokamachi/Niigata

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